Other Services

All the services we provide at the centre are free to the clients and service users such as


Heath checks

Talks relating to matters such as diabetes, mental health including dementia and cancer (prostate and colonic) and many more.

Provide Healthy Foods

Enjoying good food

Provide healthy foods to meets all clients need additional care.

We serve daily fresh cooked delicious meals provided by The Early Bird Catering Service.

Helping us to make things better

We positively welcome feedback from our clients. This helps us to improve our service.

Hear about the WISE Day Care Centre experience from our service users, their relative and next of kin.

Complaint Procedure

WISE has a complaint procedure in place, which can be accessed at the centre. If you are not happy with the service, you should speak to a member staff or the Coordinator in order to discuss your dissatisfaction. If you are still not happy, there is a complaint form available to you and we would encourage you to obtain this form for consideration by the management committee.

Equality, fairness, respect, and dignity

We are committed to ensuring that:

Our services are equally provided to all

We will not accept discrimination or harassment on any grounds either by our staff or people using our services or their relatives or carers

We gather and keep statistical analysis about our services to ensure standards are being met and to plan for future service provision – you may be asked to provide information to assist us in this.

When using information about our clients, we will respect your confidentiality and your legal rights under the General Data Protection Act

WISE will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse either to or from the client/service user, relatives, carers, and our staff/volunteers

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