Our Pledge to You

Our relationships with you are at the core of everything we do. Our friendly staff and volunteer team of carers work hard to ensure they meet the needs of each client.

Quality Services

Accessing our services

The centre is open from 10am to 3pm, Tuesday to Friday.


Assessments for care and support
Please contact one of the following organisation

Adult Social Care Services 020 8937 4300

Your Social Care Assessment Team

Your Family Doctor

One Stop Customer Service 0208 937 1200

Other health facilities within your Borough

How much does it cost?

The local authority is currently only funding service users/clients who meet their eligibility criteria levels of Critical or Substantial care.

Therefore, those who do not qualify but would like to attend WISE will be charged a nominal fee.

What if my loved one is unsure about attending adult day services?

We have friendly and trained staff to help new members settle in the day care centre. We highly recommend taking advantage of our free trial day to get the full WISE Day Care Centre experience.

We are confident that your loved one will enjoy spending time with us and will look forward to returning.


We work closely with Dial a Ride and a local mini cab to provide transportation for those in need of the service.

Once you have been assessed for use of the centre. We will assist you with transport upon request, by helping you to apply for the use of Dial a Ride service. Daily booking to the centre is the responsibility of the service users.

We support clients and service users to lead a fulfilling, active and independent life.

The centre has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where friends can meet to enjoy a chat with a cup of tea, take part in our fun activities, be entertained by local dance and theatre groups or go on an outing. We also have guest speakers who will present and advise on wellbeing topics such as diabetes, dementia and various cancers such as bowel, breast and prostate cancer. Our Activity Based Care approach means that we encourage day club members to take part in day-to-day tasks like making tea or laying the table for mealtimes if they are able to.

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